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    Learn to repair the instruments your students play in band.

    It could add $10,000 or more per year to your income.

    Why send simple repair work to someone else when you could handle it for your students?

    • Additional income

      Repairing instruments is a proven way to earn significant extra income in just a few hours a week.

    • Closer relationships

      Build closer ties to your band students and provide new classroom learning opportunities.

    • Fast yet complete

      In just a few Saturdays, you’ll learn all you need to know to repair instruments for your students.

    Better than other repair classes.

    Learning to repair band instruments with us is unlike other options. We’re not a fast, high-pressure workshop or impersonal online video. We connect you online with master repair teachers in a low pressure environment. You learn at your own pace with experts who care.

    Everything you need to handle the repairs is included in the course package.


    Flute Jun 17- Jul 8, 2023, 9-10:30 am MT

    Clarinet July 15- August 5, 2023, 9-10:30 am MT

    Saxophone Aug 12- Sept 2, 2023, 9-10:30 am MT

    Continuing education credit

    We will award two continuing education units to music educators who successfully complete the course.  

    Are you ready to take your life and career to the next level?

    Are you interested in earning $10,000 per year or more and serving your students better in just a few hours a week?

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    Meet your teacher.

    Bruce Marking

    For the past 14 years Bruce has worked at Buffet-Crampon servicing Buffet clarinets, Keilwerth saxophones, and Powell flutes. He has spent more than 25 years working for full-service music stores in Florida as a repair technician. Overall, Bruce has almost 40 years experience repairing professional clarinets, saxophones, flutes, oboes, bassoons, trombones, trumpets, french horns and tubas.  

    When you learn flute repair from Bruce, you learn from the best.

    Christina Colston

    Christina is a flutist, repair technician, and teacher who has a BA in music education from Southwest Oklahoma State University. she also has six certifications to repair woodwind and brass instruments from the Colorado Institute of Musical Instrument Technologies (CIOMIT). She has been repairing woodwind instruments for nine years and teaching repair for four years.

    Christina’s students always give her top ratings and reviews.