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    -Consultative approach will help you find the perfect clarinet.

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    -Expertise in fitting instruments to clarinetists.

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    -Top clarinet repair and maintenance service.

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Exclusive to Lisa’s Clarinet Shop: Get SeriO Clarinets

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  • Get SeriO Clarinets!

    -Professional quality instruments at a price you can afford.

    -Available in Bb, A, Eb, or Bass clarinet to low C.

    -Premium grenadilla wood, double silver plated keys, all come standard with a left hand Eb key & adjustable thumb rest.

    -Best in class warranty.

    -Trade back at upgrade program.

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“I have been extremely pleased with the excellent products and services I’ve gotten from Lisa. I bought my last five clarinets from her, including clarinets in Bb, A, Eb, C, and Bass Clarinet. I recommend her without reservation!”

Bruce Currie, Clarinetist and Lisa’s Clarinet Shop customer

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