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  • The right instrument at the right price.

    -Exclusive SeriO line. New and used clarinets.

    -Try out several instruments before buying.

  • We treat parents — and their kids — right.

    -We’re parents with musical kids we love, too!

    -We fit instruments to children as they grow.

  • Decades of clarinet sales experience.

    -Everyone at Lisa’s is a clarinet pro.

    -Top clarinet repair and maintenance service.

  • Payments and terms parents can afford.

    -Extended financing right for all families.

    -Trade in used clarinets for newer models.

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Exclusive to Lisa’s Clarinet Shop: Get SeriO Clarinets

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  • Get SeriO Clarinets!

    -Professional quality instruments at a price you can afford.

    -Available in Bb, A, Eb, or Bass clarinet to low C.

    -Premium grenadilla wood, double silver plated keys, all come standard with a left hand Eb key & adjustable thumb rest.

    -Best in class warranty.

    -Trade back at upgrade program.

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“Thank you for helping me select the perfect clarinet for my daughter! You made it so easy. She loves it and practices all the time.”

Mary Jonas, Lisa’s Clarinet Shop Customer

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