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Amadeus Flute - AF680

Amadeus Flute - AF680

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Since 1888, flutes by Wm. S. Haynes have been chosen by flutists both for the craftsmanship as well as for 'that sound', a rich, colorful tone with a beautiful core. The Amadeus flute by Wm. S. Haynes continues the Haynes legacy in an outstanding intermediate flute at a more affordable price.

Each Amadeus AF680 flute comes standard with a Sterling silver Haynes Amadeus or Haynes Classic headjoint, silver-plated body and mechanism, B foot, open hole, Haynes A442 scale, and choice of inline or off-set G. Available options include a split-E mechanism (off-set G only), C# trill key, 14k gold riser, or 9k gold lip plate with silver riser. Amadeus flutes are manufactured at the Wm. S. Haynes Beijing workshop.


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