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Azumi Flute AZ-2

Azumi Flute AZ-2

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Designed for the advancing flutist, the Azumi body features the Altus-Bennett scale for more accurate intonation, wide-rib construction for more durability against normal wear and tear, a sturdy key mechanism, and advanced features like the gizmo key. The Altus Z-cut headjoint features a hand-cut embouchure hole with a wider, rectangular shape to provide a quick, free response and large tone throughout all registers.

The Azumi AZ2 presents full richness in tone, with an incredibly smooth response and flexible register crossing. The handmade full sterling silver Altus Z-cut headjoint, an upgrade from the AZ1, sits on the silver-plated nickel-silver body and mechanism. The AZ2 also includes the standard french pointed arms, offset G and a B foot. Available options include a split-E mechanism and a 9k rose gold plated lip plate and crown.

Other common features of the Azumi models include:

  • B foot
  • offset G
  • Open hole
  • Pointed tone arms


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