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Di Zhao

Di Zhao Flute: DZ-600

Di Zhao Flute: DZ-600

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All Di Zhao's instruments are made with careful attention to precision in their factory in Tianjin, China. The workers are superbly trained directly by Mr. Zhao himself. The flutes are padded with Pissoni pads, and pads are partially shimmed like the finest professional flutes. All instruments are made to achieve smooth key action, fast response and excellent resonance. Di Zhao personally tests and adjusts each flute before making it available to the consumer. Hand -cut headjoints make the sound quality full and easy to play. All flutes are tuned to pitch 442.

The Di Zhao DZ-600 is a step up from the 400/500 with its sterling silver tubing. Denser than the previous models, the 600 plays a vital role for the young flutist's musical growth while developing their professional sound. The sterling silver tubing will provide a variety of colors and projects a full, rich, vibrant sound to the audience in a concert setting.

The DZ-600 has a Sterling silver headjoint and body with a silver-plated, nickel-silver mechanism, B foot, open hole, and Y-arms.

Available options include a split-E mechanism and off-set or inline G.


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