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Flute Repair Course Level 1

Flute Repair Course Level 1

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Designed for private lesson teachers, musicians who want to learn more about the care and maintenance of their instruments, and for those exploring becoming a master repair technician as a career option.

Level 1 Flute Class is held on Saturdays for 90 minutes from 11:00 am- 12:30 pm MT.  Level 1 is a 3-month course.


Flute 1-2023 Jan 28- Apr 22, 2023, 11-12:30pm CT 2 private lessons will be substituted for class days (TBD)

Flute 1-2023 May 6- Aug 5, 2023, 11-12:30pm CT 2 private lessons will be substituted for class days (TBD)


All classes will be recorded and be made available to you. Following the purchase of the course, we will send you details to register on Zoom for it. Enrollment is limited and when we run out of Level 1 kits this course will be closed for registration.

The course is taught by master technicians Bruce Marking, formerly with Powell Flutes/Buffet-Crampon and flutist Christina Colston, from The Tuneful Tech.

Items included in our Flute Level 1 Kit

(1) 5″ Flat-nose pliers for pulling rods/screws


– (1) 1.5mm slotted woodwind screwdriver (for hinge rods)

– (1) 2.5mm slotted woodwind screwdriver (for pivot screws)

(1) Spring hook
(1) Alcohol lamp
(2) Hot glue sticks
(1) Pad slick
(1) Flute key leveling tool
(1) Key oil – bottle
(1) Flute assembly board
(1) Sheet cork (1/16″)
(1) Natural sheet cork assortment
(1) Steel ruler in millimeters
(2) Flute head corks
(2) Flute trill key corks – round disk – cut into 1/4’s and glue to spatula
Flute Pad Shims


– .1mm (mixed diameters) – 50

-.2mm (mixed diameters) – 50

From Home Depot or your local hardware store you will need to purchase:

Razor Blades – single edge blades
Q-Tips – 1 large package
DAP Weldwood Contact Cement – 1 container
Denatured alcohol – 1 can
Small soft paintbrush or toothbrush (bristles don’t matter) – flat bristled brush
Emery cloth  – 240 grit (for sanding key corks)
Cigarette paper (OCB un-gummed, or any bran with gummed edge cut off)
Drumstick or wooden dowel rod (for removing old head cork for replacement)

 Last but not least, you will need to come with your own instrument to work on! 


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