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Jupiter Flute JFL1000

Jupiter Flute JFL1000

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The quality of Jupiter Flutes is recognized worldwide. Because flutemaking is a combination of science and art, Jupiter constantly seeks the latest innovation in design and engineering to achieve ever higher standards in the manufacturing process. Implementing technology, however, does not deter Jupiter from maintaining contact with leading players, teachers and artisans. These professionals collaborate in the design and artistry that makes each Jupiter flute a truly great performance instrument.

The Jupiter flute JFL 1000 (replaces the 611 RBSO) is an excellent step-up flute at an economical price. The Sterling silver headjoint provides a rich tone with projection, power, and a quick response.

The Jupiter flute JFL1000 has the following features:

  • Sterling silver headjoint
  • silver-plated nickel silver body and keys
  • open hole
  • offset G
  • B foot with gizmo
  • stainless steel springs


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