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Muramatsu Flute EX

Muramatsu Flute EX

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Muramatsu produces a fine line of handmade professional flutes, and the EX model introduces the level of artistry Muramatsu brings to the table. The EX sets off the aspiring flutist with a natural, dark, rich tone with a flexible dynamic range. The handmade mechanism is very comfortable in the hands that allows for the development of smooth, effortless technique.

Like all Muramatsu flutes, the EX model comes with the option of the Tsubasa headjoint style. The Tsubasa headjoint has wings on the lip plate that help focus the airstream for a fuller, rich sound that fills the room.

Specifications: sterling silver head joint, silver-clad body and mechanism. Comes with the option of Split-E mechanism.

All Muramatsu America flutes include the following standard and common features:

hand-cut headjoint
Muramatsu key mechanism
choice of in-line G or off-set G
B foot
certificate of authenticity signed by Mr. Ervin Monroe, President of Muramatsu America
"MA" stamping on the ribbing, to assure our customers their flute was made to North American specifications
Attention: Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company is an authorized dealer of Muramatsu flutes. Muramatsu America is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Muramatsu flutes for North America. All flutes purchased through Muramatsu America come officially registered in case of theft, defect, etc.


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