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Pearl Flute 665 Quantz

Pearl Flute 665 Quantz

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The Pearl 695 Dolce is built in the same mold as the time-tested Elegante series and continues the Pearl commitment to the accuracy of pitch and flexible articulation. This beautiful instrument will allow more aspiring artists than ever to experience the joy of owning and performing on a Pearl handmade flute.

A choice of two headjoints is available. The Forza headjoint is standard and produces unbelievable projection, combined with a dazzling rich tone. The optional Largo headjoint offers a more traditional response, with a melodious and sweet character. The Pearl 695 Dolce is also available with a C# trill key and D# roller option.

Standard features include:

  • Sterling silver handcut Forza headjoint
  • silver-plated body and keys
  • French pointed arms
  • Pearl's Pinless mechanism and One-Piece Core-Bar construction
  • choice of off-set G with split E mechanism or in-line G
  • open hole keys
  • B foot with gizmo


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