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Sankyo Flute CF301

Sankyo Flute CF301

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Sankyo proudly presents the finest products of the flutemaker's art. Acclaimed throughout the world for beauty of tone and eveness of technique, each instrument is made from carefully selected materials and is constructed by highly skilled and dedicated craftsmen. Sankyo has pursued the perfect scale by building a precise mechanism through meticulous craftsmen. Custom headjoints are available to meet the demands of flutists everywhere. The Sankyo CF301 flute has following standard features:

  • handmade construction
  • Sterling silver headjoint
  • Sterling silver body with silver-plated mechanism
  • open hole
  • French-pointed arms
  • drawn tone holes
  • NEL* (high E facilitator)
  • B foot with gizmo
  • choice of in-line or off-set G
  • choice of headjoint style

*The NEL is a high E facilitator (G disc) and is included on all flutes without a split E mechanism at no additional charge.

Headjoint Styles

ST - Standard lip plate with a riser that balances the full range. Warm and expressive, allowing for spin and projection with smooth fluidity.

RT - Round top, modern design lip plate that aims for a quick response and strong low register coupled with a riser that favors the low register. Full, dark, strong tone able to achieve a powerful sound.

FT - Flat top, mixes characteristics of both ST and RT cuts. Strong throughout, especially in the high register.


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