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Pearl Flute 765 Quantz

Pearl Flute 765 Quantz

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The Pearl 765 Quantz flute brings the richness and playability of a Sterling silver flute (headjoint and body) to the top of the Quantz line of instruments. Every Pearl flute from their beginner model to the Maesta line has French pointed arms - an industry first. The ingenious and yet simple patented Pinless mechanism and One-Piece Core-Bar construction affords even the student or amateur flutist with an exceptionally efficient and dependable mechanism. The trademark Pearl sound and intonation standards have been maintained in the 505 model.

The Pearl 765 Quantz flute features a Sterling silver headjoint and body with silver-plated keys and French pointed arms, open holes, choice of off-set G with split-E mechanism or inline G, and a B foot with gizmo.


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