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Trevor James

Trevor James Flute Virtuoso

Trevor James Flute Virtuoso

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For over 30 years, Trevor James has been designing and producing quality flutes for student and intermediate level players, providing long-lasting flutes with well balanced, stable mechanisms, and exceptional attention to detail.

The Trevor James Virtuoso is an intermediate flute that features a sterling silver tubing. The Virtuoso also features a .958 silver headjoint for ease of response. With the higher density of .958 silver, the aspiring flutist will experience a colorful tone with a deep timbre and a flexible dynamic range. An ideal flute for the serious flute player.

Every Trevor James Virtuoso flute standard features include a .958 silver Voce headjoint, Sterling silver body with silver-plated keys, French pointed arms, drawn tone holes, open holes and a B foot with gizmo. Available options include a split-E mechanism, C# trill key, and choice of off-set or inline G.

The new Trevor James Voce headjoint has a cast one-piece lip plate and riser (rather than the standard separate lip plate and riser), adding mass and a little extra weight for a responsive, rich, and more powerful sound.


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